Tassel Necklaces and Crystal Necklaces, Too. (Great Holiday Gifts Under $50!)

If you read or peruse any fashion magazines, you know that tassel necklaces are in vogue. I’m not one forTassel Necklaces following trends, but I do love making tassels and have been making them like crazy! These tassel necklaces have been big sellers at the recent private holiday boutiques at which I’ve been a vendor. They’re easy and fun to throw on with just about anything: jeans and a tee shirt, or your little black dress.

These Tassel Necklaces Are Made From Bullet Shells!

Look closely and you’ll see these tassel necklaces are made from spent bullet shells. (I purchased the shells from a local gun range. As you know, I love to upcycle old things.) After cleaning the shells, I etched them. Etching brass is quite a process: I put a design on the brass using a “resist,” and then put the the brass in a chemical bath. Next, I cleaned the shells again, drilled holes in the top and then tumbled them to get rid of any rough edges. The final step is adding a patina and then sealing the brass.

The tassels themselves are made from old chain, much of it vintage, plus beads, Swarovski crystals, bead caps, and whatever else strikes my fancy as I’m putting the tassel together. Each tassel hangs on a 24″ brass ball chain, making the perfect tassel necklace! These fun tassel necklaces are selling for $45. If you’d like me to ship it to you, the cost of shipping is $3.50.

Crystal Necklaces Made From Chandelier Crystals

Necklaces made from repurposed chandelier crystalsThese crystal necklaces are another fun and easy necklace to just throw on. In fact, one of my customers who purchased one last year just told me it’s her “go-to” necklace. She wears it several times each week and she just purchased three of them for gifts. Made from vintage chandelier crystals and a grand filigree bead cap, each necklace also has a charm dangling over the crystal. The crystal pendant hangs off of a 24″ stainless steel ball chain. These fun necklaces sell for $20.

I wear my crystal necklace several times each week with my very long hammered aluminum featherweight earrings and often receive compliements. I’ll show you the earrings later this week.

If you’d like to purchase a necklace, just get in touch with me.