Napkin Ring Bracelets

Napkin ring bracelets are my latest obsession!

Turning vintage napkin rings into napkin ring bracelets has occupied the majority my time at my jewelry work table lately.

Have you seen old napkin rings made into amazing bracelets? I must admit the idea never occurred to me until I saw a class on how to take no-longer-loved-or-used sterling or silver plated napkin rings and turn them into napkin ring bracelets. Of course, I had to take the class. And then, I had to find some vintage napkin rings. Oh what fun! (Shout out, by the way, to Riki Schumacher, the top-notch jewelry artisan and instructor from whom I took the online class.)

Trio of Napkin Ring BraceletsTo the left is a trio of napkin ring bracelets I just finished. The two napkin rings in the front were quite plain and called for embellishment.

The bracelet in the back tells a story: As I examined the napkin ring at an estate sale, my heart almost skipped a beat when I read the inscription: “Minnie. 7-13-1907”  1907!?!?!  More than a century old! Just imagine Minnie sitting down to dinner and removing her cloth napkin from her personalized napkin ring. When it came time to use my jeweler’s saw  to cut the napkin ring, I was careful not to disturb the inscription. The silver plating on this napkin ring is just about worn off … there’s more silver on the inside of the bracelet than on the outside. (The silver plating was done over brass.) But that only adds to the character of the piece. I added a brass filigree frame which draws attention to the beautiful flowers on the napkin ring. I love this bracelet!