How to Care For Your Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Last on, first off should always be your rule … not only for my handmade artisan jewelry, but for all your jewelry. In other words, when you’re getting dressed, the very last thing you should put on is your jewelry. Likewise, the very first thing you should take off is your jewelry.Use common sense: don’t put on a necklace and then decide you need one more shot of hairspray. The chemicals in beauty products can wreak havoc with your handmade artisan jewelry. In fact, chemicals of all kinds are harmful to jewelry, and the same goes for water, whether it’s from your tap or the ocean.

Please don’t shower or exercise while wearing your jewelry, and remember to remove your jewelry when cleaning the house or doing dishes because again, the chemicals in cleaning products can harm your handmade artisan jewelry.

Store your jewelry away from direct sunlight, preferably separate to avoid scratching. When you purchase one of my creations, I will provide you with a pouch, which is ideal for storing your piece.