Cuff Bracelets for Women

Cuff Bracelets for Women

Without a doubt, one of the biggest jewelry trends in the last few years has been cuff bracelets for women. In fact, bracelets of all types have been on trend: charm bracelets, bangle bracelets, stacking bracelets, ID bracelets, and women’s cuff bracelets. (Men, too, have been wearing more bracelets—especially leather.) And let’s not forget the bangle charm bracelets that have been so popular in the last few years.

Etched Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet

American Made Brass Cuff Bracelet: Etched, Patinaed, and Adorned with a Dragonfly, Swarovski Crystals and a Vintage Dangle

Gone are the days when bracelets were made only of gold or silver. Today’s bracelets are created from all types of materials including leather, mixed metals, and even textiles such as beautiful sari silk.

I love creating cuff bracelets for women. As with most of my creations, I use American-made brass as the foundation of my cuffs. (Though recently, I’ve been repurposing vintage silver plate and sterling napkin rings and using them as the base of my cuff bracelets.)

One of my favorite techniques to use with cuff bracelets for women is to etch the raw brass, colorize the brass with a patina, and then adorn the cuff with parts and pieces of vintage jewelry. The cuff on the right was etched and then colorized with a baroque paste before being adorned with a beautiful brass dragonfly, rhinestones and a Swarovski crystal. The dangles are from a piece of vintage jewelry.

Cuff bracelets for women come in varied widths, from narrow to wide. Interestingly, if you have a small wrist, you may find a wider cuff looks better on you.

And, speaking of small wrists, I have a small wrist myself, so I know it’s not always easy to find a bracelet that fits. I’m currently working on small wrist bracelets and will be making an announcement about them on my blog, so please sign up on the top right of this page if you’d like to be notified.

Interested in a women’s cuff bracelet? Please get in touch with me.