Big Statement Necklaces

Looking for Big Statement Necklaces?

When it comes to designing a necklace, I love nothing more than crafting big statement necklaces. Customers use all kinds of words when describing these big statement necklaces: bold, beautiful, daring, flashy … and very often, I hear “Wow!” (I don’t hear “delicate” or “dainty” when it comes to describing my big statement necklaces.)

So what is big statement necklace? Well … it’s just that: a BIG piece of jewelry you wear around your neck, that’s pretty much guaranteed to attract attention. My opinion is that these creations are as equally at home with jeans and a t-shirt as they are with your little black dress. Statement necklaces have been on trend for a few years now, but for me, they will never go out of style. In the fall of 2015, fashion magazines were  showing statement necklaces worn over turtleneck sweaters for the winter. Big statement necklaces are still being shown for 2016.

Etched Brass Statement Necklace

Big Statement Necklace: Etched American-Made Brass Adorned With Repurposed Vintage Pieces

To the right is one of my big statement necklaces. I just love this piece, so  I decided to gift it to myself! I’ve worn it for every occasion imaginable and I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I’ve worn this necklace that someone hasn’t commented on it. The base is American-made brass that I etched using a chemical process. I then patinaed the etched brass with a black baroque paste. The brass base is adorned with a vintage rhinestone necklace I discovered at an estate sale, and a prism from an old chandelier.

I also enjoy creating collage necklaces. Not only can one of my collage necklaces be categorized as a big statement necklace, but it is a mini work of art.

Collage Necklace With Face

This Collage Necklace is a Mini Work of Art

Are you looking for big statement necklaces? I’d love you to have one of my creations. Why not take a stroll through my Lookbook and see what appeals to you, and then get in touch with me?