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Palmira Art in the Park this Saturday, January 28!

For those of you who live here in the Bonita Springs/Naples/Ft. Myers area: If you’re looking for something to do Saturday afternoon for an hour, why not stop by our annual arts and crafts show here at the community of Palmira? In addition 20 wonderful artists, we’ll have entertainment by Steely Pan, margaritas and more! […]

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Fall and Winter Show Schedule

Once again this year I’ll be participating in the Annual Arts and Craft Boutique at the Commons Club in The Brooks Community on Coconut Road in Estero. It’s on Friday, November 11th from 10am – 2pm. Details here. Please stop by to see some amazing work by the 27 local artists who will be participating. […]

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Napkin Ring Bracelets

Napkin ring bracelets are my latest obsession! Turning vintage napkin rings into napkin ring bracelets has occupied the majority my time at my jewelry work table lately. Have you seen old napkin rings made into amazing bracelets? I must admit the idea never occurred to me until I saw a class on how to take […]

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When You Buy Something From an Artist …

“When you buy from an independent artist, you are buying more than just a painting or a novel or a song.  You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation and thousands of failures. You are buying days, weeks, months, years of frustration and moments of pure joy. […]  You aren’t just buying a thing. You […]

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Reuse and Repurpose Old Jewelry

Do you happen to own a piece or two (or three, or four, or more) of no-longer-loved jewelry? I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t. Don’t despair, as there are many ways to repurpose and reuse old jewelry. One of my customers recently came to me with two requests: first, to create a necklace […]

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How to Care For Your Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Last on, first off should always be your rule … not only for my handmade artisan jewelry, but for all your jewelry. In other words, when you’re getting dressed, the very last thing you should put on is your jewelry. Likewise, the very first thing you should take off is your jewelry.Use common sense: don’t […]

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