Etched Brass

One of my favorite techniques to create a one-of-a-kind design is etching brass. Each piece begins with a raw brass cuff or necklace blank. The next step is to put a design on the brass using a permanent marker. Then, the fun begins! The pieces are placed into a chemical solution: a ferric chloride etchant for the necklace blanks, and a solution of muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide for the cuffs. When the pieces are sufficiently “cooked,” I remove them from the chemical solution and place them in a tub of baking soda to neutralize them. Next, the pieces are cleaned and buffed. For the colorization of the pieces, I use a Baroque Gilders Paste, which stays on the piece for 24 hours before polishing. A coat of sealant goes on last. Finally, I adorn the pieces. One of my favorite ways to decorate my etched brass creations is to use a combination of beautiful brass filigree and vintage rhinestones pieces.

Here are a few etched brass creations:

 Etched Brass Necklace with Vintage Rhinestone Earring Etched Cuff Bracelet Baroque Paste Patina Brass Filigree Vintage Dangle  Etched and Colorized Brass Necklace with Vintage Prism