Custom Handmade Jewelry – Designing a Creation Just for You

Do you have an old brooch from your grandmother that you love, but don’t wear? Or a single earring that just sits in your jewelry box? If so, ask me about creating a custom handmade jewelry design just for you. I love incorporating parts and pieces of old jewelry into my creations: it not only saves the piece, but creates a memory.

Custom Necklace Made from Broken Jewelry

Commissioned Design Incorporating Old Broken Jewelry

This creation was a commission. It incorporates a broken necklace that was in a bag of old jewelry given to me by a customer. She wanted a custom handmade jewelry creation as a gift for her mom who loves bodacious jewelry. The large base of the necklace is etched brass. Initially, I planned to affix an old rhinestone brooch to the base, but when I picked up both pieces, I realized the brooch just wasn’t right for the base. Disappointed, I set everything aside. A few days later, I was sitting at my work table, thinking it was a mess and that I needed to get organized. Right at that moment, my eye happened upon the broken necklace given to me by my customer, and I knew it would be perfect for the custom handmade jewelry creation she wanted.

When jewelry lovers see some my creations and discover that I often repurpose vintage or broken jewelry, I’m sometimes asked if I will design a piece of custom handmade jewelry. Most often, the answer is “yes.” However, custom handmade jewelry creations usually take more time, energy and brain power than if I give myself free reign with lots of components from which to choose. When I take on a commission for custom handmade jewelry, I do so without any commitment to a time frame, and the price for the piece is often a bit higher than when I use my own components.

Would you like a custom handmade jewelry creation designed especially for you? What about a brooch that belonged to your grandmother? Or a pair of your mom’s earrings that you don’t wear? If you’re interested in custom handmade jewelry, please get in touch with me.